4 Easy Exercises to Get the Perfect Bikini-Belly in Just 4 Weeks

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Achieving that Bikini-Ready Belly can be pretty darn easy. Yes, we said it! All you have to do is shift your food regimen (at least) a little more towards healthier nutrition (‘cause let’s face it, healthy nutrition is crucial) + adopt a more disciplined workout routine. It may sound like not-the-easiest task, but not to worry for we here have your back!

1. Sit Ups

Lay down on the ground, on your back, positioning your arms forward and pull yourself up. Try and pull the muscles on your stomach as you possibly can.

how to get flat tummy


2. Planks

Maintain a horizontal position of your body by using your toes and elbows. Make sure that your entire body is straight.

how to get flat tummy

3. Side Planks

Lay down on your side, and by using your elbow (positioned well on the ground) lift your body up (your buttocks and waist) so that it’s positioned diagonally to the ground. Try and maintain this position in balance.

how to get flat tummyWe’ve selected 4 really easy exercises which, if

[the_ad id=”1692″]4. Backwards Push-Ups

Position your feet and hands (placed towards your feet) on the ground, and by arching your elbows, lift your buttocks up and down.

how to get flat tummy

Week 1

Sit-Ups 3 Times
Planks 20 Seconds
Right Side Planks 20 Seconds
Left Side Planks 20 Seconds
Backwards Push-Ups 3 Times

Week 2

Sit-Ups 5 Times
Planks 30 Seconds
Right Side Planks 30 Seconds
Left Side Planks 30 Seconds
Backwards Push-Ups 5 Times

Week 3

Sit-Ups 7 Times
Planks 45 Seconds
Right Side Planks 45 Seconds
Left Side Planks 45 Seconds
Backwards Push-Ups 7 Times

Week 4

Sit-Ups 10 Times
Planks 1 Minute
Right Side Planks 1 Minute
Left Side Planks 1 Minute
Backwards Push-Ups 10 Times

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