6 Incredible Reasons to Drink Pickle Juice – You Will Never Throw It Again

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If you love your pickles, we have the greatest news for you – the juice that stays in the jar after you eat the last pickle – man, is that juice healthy!

pickle juice health benefits

Pickles contain huge amounts of vitamins and minerals, mostly potassium, magnesium and manganese, which makes them excellent when it comes to hydration and detox. Furthermore, the tasty pickles have the power to regulate blood pressure and improve food digestion. They’re also great for getting rid of harmful materials from the organism, and are a real treasury of Vitamin A, fibers and silicium, which is important for skin health.

These 6 (+1) compelling reasons will make you want to adopt the habit of drinking pickle juice constantly.

1. It Prevents Dehydration and Quenches Thirst!

In case you’re very thirsty, instead of water, drink some pickle juice. In order for you to quickly quench your thirst, you have to consume potassium and sodium, and given that this juice contains them both, it will momentarily hydrate you.

2. It Relaxes Muscles

If you’re feeling exhausted after workout, you should drink this juice. It will soothe your sore muscles and it will help you recover faster.

3. Budget-Friendly Alternative for Sport Drinks

The drinks that athletes drink are not cheap at all, but pickle juice contains just about everything you need, MyHealthyFoodTips writes.

[the_ad id=”1651″]4. Vitamins and Antioxidants Injection

Believe it or not, pickle juice contains a huge amount of vitamins C and E. Also, it’s filled with antioxidants, so this combo will toughen your immunity and it will improve your health in general.

5. It Helps with Weight Loss

Just as apple cider vinegar, pickle juice can help you lose weight too! Drink at least one tablespoon per day and you’ll witness great results in a timely fashion.

6. Hangover Cure

Alcohol is a diuretic which leaves your body dehydrated. It is the main reason why people feel so terrible after a good night out. Drinking pickle juice helps replenish your body’s sodium levels and make you feel better in no time.

7. Re-Pickle With It!

Did you know that you can also use the leftover pickle juice to make new pickles? You can even slice some red onions or carrots and throw them in the pickle juice to make the perfect pickled onions or carrots.

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