7 Pesticide-Filled Tea Brands You Should Stop Drinking Immediately!

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Tea being the better, healthier option than coffee is not something new. However, many conventional tea brands have been found to contain high levels of toxic substances such as fluoride and different pesticides. Moreover, the amount of these harmful ingredients is so high that the teas are considered unsafe for consumption.

We’re all familiar how it is with any product out there – not all are made with the same attention and same ingredients. So, trying to save some money by buying the less expensive version of tea can actually lead to your health paying the higher price.

Many Conventional Teas May Contain Fluoride and Pesticides

The number one reason why these harmful substances can be found in teas is that, most of the times, the tea is stored in bags without previously washing it. Therefore, if the tea was sprayed with pesticides, chances are the same will end up directly into your cup.

In a study published in Food Research International, researchers found that a significant percentage of the United Kingdom population greatly exceeds the recommended daily intake of fluoride, which ultimately leads to harmful effects on one’s health. However, what makes this discovery even more shocking is that the overexposure was occurring specifically from the consumption of tea.

In case you don’t know, overexposure to fluoride can lead to serious problems with the bones and teeth, as well as kidney damage.

How Does Fluoride End Up In Teas?

Plants absorb fluoride from the soil, and they also accumulate it as they grow, which means that older leaves contain more fluoride. Looking to save money on production, many companies use older plants for the tea, meaning people end up drinking way too much fluoride than they should. Older leaves are also known to contain the least amount of antioxidants, which lessens the health benefits associated with drinking specific types of teas.

List of Tea Brands That Contain The Most Toxins

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation conducted a research on several famous tea companies, including:

1. King Cole
2. Tetley
3. Signal
4. Uncle Lee’s Legends of China
5. No Name
6. Lipton
7. Twinnings

Surprisingly, the investigation led by the CBC showed that 50% of the investigated tea brands contained illegal amounts of toxins. The worst offenders were:

King Cole – their teas actually contain monocrotophos – a chemical that’s in the process of being banned because of its many fatal consequences (such as unusual heartbeat, and even coma).
Uncle Lee’s Legends of China – the investigators discovered 20 different sorts of pesticides, including endosulfan. Endosulfan is an insecticide that causes nervous system damage.
No Name – found to contain more than 10 different sorts of pesticides

Although the CBC has noted these teas as the ‘biggest offenders’, it doesn’t mean that the other brands were completely safe. In fact, the only tea that was found to contain no pesticides was Red Rose.

Staying Away from Toxic-Filled Teas

We don’t want to impose anything about you totally quitting tea or similar. It sure comes with tons of great advantages for your health. We’ve selected some great tips for you to help you stay away from toxic-filled tea, and still have your cup.

– Transition to white tea. Given the fact that it comes from younger leaves, it contains the lowest level of fluoride;
– You can try searching for loose-leaf tea, or even try planting yourself;
– Find some trusted organic brands;
– Go through the list of ingredients to see if there’s any flavor additionally added, or any sort of GMO elements so that you avoid that;
– Each tea is to be brewed in a different time. For example, you should steep black tea around 3 to 5 minutes. With green or white tea is different: you should steep this for 2 or 3 minutes. You’re supposed to steep oolong tea for about 4 to 7 minutes. Herbal tea, on the other hand, requires at least 5 minutes of steeping, if not more if you want your tea strong.

A list of bagged teas that are safe:

Red Rose
Organic Stash
Rishi Tea
Organic Traditional Medicinals
Numi Tea
Two Leaves
EDEN Organic
Choice Organic Teas
Organic Tazo

Check out the video below for a breakdown of different teas and how they do in terms of health.

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