Be Careful: Combining Grapefruit With Medications Can Be Deadly! – Experts Warn

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In case you’re taking some medications to lower your blood pressure, anti-depressives, cancer treatment drugs, or antibiotics, you should immediately cut grapefruit out of your food regimen – the Canadian Experts at Ontario University warn.

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Grapefruit contains an ingredient called furanocoumarin, which prevents the enzymes to decompose the pill in the intestines, which leads to the transportation of drugs within the body rather than the metabolism. Consequently, orally administered drugs can be metabolized twice before reaching the systemic circulation.This means that instead of being metabolized, more of the drug enters the bloodstream and stays in the body longer. The result: potentially dangerous levels of the drug in your system, or overdose.

[the_ad id=”1650″]Drinking grapefruit juice or eating one while under any of the above-mentioned treatments can result in internal bleeding, change of the heart rate, kidney damage or even sudden death.

There is a list of more than 85 medicines, and 43 of all of those can cause deadly consequences if combined with grapefruit.

“One pill combined with a glass of grapefruit juice can end in the same result as 10 of those pills with a glass of water. People don’t believe this, but this type of therapy is a poison, just because it’s combined with this juice” – says Dr. David Bailey, who is behind this research.

Along with his team, Dr. David Bailey has discovered that combining medicaments with lime or Seville orange (also known as bitter orange) can have a very similar impact to the human organism.

Consult with your doctor for more information regarding this matter.

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