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All Natural Cough Syrup (Kid-Friendly)

With the arrival of the cold winter temperatures, the common cold and flu season inevitably follows. If you or your little one were unlucky enough to fall prey to these annoying ailments, you’ve come to the right place. Most conventional cough syrups taste bad and most of the time they don’t work anyway. So last

Put Your Palms Together and Pay Attention to This Little Detail

This ancient practice known as Palmistry is characterized by the ability to foretell one’s future just by studying their palms. The technique itself is a combination of Hindu astrology and Gypsy fortune telling, and it is widely used nowadays. There are specific lines on our palms that can be “read” by the palm reader, and

7 Warning Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

We must admit, everybody loves the sweet taste of sugar. But, no matter how much we all love it, sugar, especially in high amounts, can have an extremely negative impact on our health. So, there is a good chance that you won’t look at it the same way – although its taste will remain delicious