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Be Careful: Combining Grapefruit With Medications Can Be Deadly! – Experts Warn

In case you’re taking some medications to lower your blood pressure, anti-depressives, cancer treatment drugs, or antibiotics, you should immediately cut grapefruit out of your food regimen – the Canadian Experts at Ontario University warn. Grapefruit contains an ingredient called furanocoumarin, which prevents the enzymes to decompose the pill in the intestines, which leads to

7 Reasons why Turmeric is Great for Your Health

Turmeric is considered to be the best natural cleanser of the organism. Turmeric is used throughout centuries due to the incredible health benefits it provides. It is known as the ‘Queen of Spices’ because of its powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and detox abilities. And, turmeric is also a great warrior against Alzheimer’s disease. Here are 7 incredible