Egg Yolks With Red Dots – Are They Safe to Eat?

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Many people out there live in misconception thinking that the bloody dot in the yolk is an indicator that the egg’s been fertilized. However, experts explain why that’s happening and if these eggs are safe to eat.

blood spots in eggs

Is that a blood spot?

Yes, the red spot is indeed a spot of blood. However, that’s not a result of a bad egg or even an indicator of a fertilized egg. Instead, it’s the result of a burst capillary in the hen’s ovary or in the yolk sac. There are several reasons why this happens, including the age of the hen and the way its fed, but it’s not an indicator that the hen is unhealthy or has been mistreated in any way. We must admit, blood spots are unsightly, but there’s nothing wrong with them.

[the_ad id=”1651″]How common are these blood spots?

Since all commercial eggs are scanned and sorted by a method called “candling” (which involves shining a light through the egg to check for defects), most eggs with blood spots are taken out by this process. However, a few get through. Either if you have your own chickens or you buy your eggs, you may get a few with blood spots every once in a while.

Are they safe to eat?

The blood spots don’t mean that you have to throw the egg. According to the American Egg Board, these eggs are completely safe to eat. If you don’t want to see the blood spot, just scoop it out with the tip of a knife and carry on with your breakfast.

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