Incredible Japanese Fat-Burning Technique – No Need to Exercise!

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Not long ago, Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke revealed an interesting technique that helped him lose 28 pounds and lower his waistline for 12 centimeters in just a couple of weeks.

According to him, it was his doctor who showed him this exercise for pain in the back, but after he started doing it on a daily basis for 2 minutes a day, it also helped lose weight unbelievably fast.

How does it work?

Ryosuke called this technique “Long breath diet” and it’s about inhaling for 3 seconds and strong exhaling for 7 seconds. And the answer to the question, why does this help you lose weight, is that the fat contains oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. When you inhale, the oxygen comes in direct contact with the mast cells, dividing them into their components – carbon dioxide and water. That’s how the oxygen can help you burn the cellulite.

[the_ad id=”1650″]How to do the exercise?

Do the exercise every day for 2 – 10 minutes.

– Put one of your legs forward.
– Slowly inhale for 3 seconds and put your arms upwards.
– Then forcedly exhale for 7 seconds or more and tighten your muscles.

how to lose fat without exercise

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