Simple and Natural Way to Stop Snoring!

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There is quite a large number of people who struggle with sleep, simply because their significant others can’t seem to stop snoring. Really, really loud!

It can be exhausting and it can affect the health. Snoring can be caused by many reasons, but mostly, what triggers it it’s the abundance of slime. Meaning, in order to decrease or stop snoring, the slime should be removed from the respiratory tract.

This home remedy is really efficient, completely natural and effortless to prepare: it helps to eliminate the extra slime, which in return decreases snoring. This potion should be consumed before going to bed.

how can snoring be stopped

Here’s how to prepare it:


– 2 carrots;
– 2 apples;
– ¼ lemon;
– ½ glass of water;
– 1 piece of ginger (2 cm).

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Put the ingredients in a blender, and mix them until you get your magic anti-snoring potion all juiced up.

You should drink this potion a couple of hours before you go to sleep. Also, it’s important to avoid these types of food and beverage:

– Fried Food;
– Processed Food and Bubbly Drinks;
– Alcohol;
– Chocolate;
– Foods that are hard to digest.

The snoring is harmless most of the times, but if you’re experiencing interrupted breathing or troubles sleeping, than you should ask for medical help.

Note: Consult your doctor before you decide to try any natural remedy.

Sleep well!

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