Study: Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer? – The Results Will Shock You

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While the rest of us sit in front of our TV’s all day long, the Amish work hard, they are cultivating different cultures, doing their own furniture and produce all kinds of useful means.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons


Recent study published in the “Cancer Causes and Control” Magazine reveals that there are almost no cases of cancer among Amish people and that they might be some of the healthiest people in America. Experts from Ohio University have started a study to observe and learn about these people in order to find out if the lack of conventional medicine care is somehow connected to the risks of getting cancer.

[the_ad id=”1692″]However, what they’ve discovered shocked them completely. It’s actually been discovered that the Amish have significantly lower chances of cancer in comparison to the rest of the population, so the experts decided to do a more thorough research of their lifestyle, nutrition. Most of the Amish don’t smoke, don’t drink, and are mostly not a promiscuous group, so the experts concluded that their way of life plays a huge role in the very few cancer cases among the Amish.

Among other things, what’s also typical for the Amish is the amount of physical work they endure constantly. Amish people are also known to work on farms, lands, construction and so on, all of which require a lot of hard physical activity which has a beneficial impact on their health.

Another huge role plays the fact that the Amish cultivate their food themselves. They use organic methods, which ultimately results in much heathier fruits and vegetables, milk, meat and raw food, which many Americans, and others won%E

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