Woman Who Lost 200 Pounds (92kg) Shares Her Secret

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She says that if you start following these 7 rules, you’ll instantly start noticing results. Simone Anderson has become an inspiration to many, and everyone wants to hear her success story.

Other than nutrition, 26-year-old Simone explains that exercising is the key to success and says that she is never giving up on her fitness plan.

So, she has selected the following tips as the most beneficial and we’re sharing them with you below:

1. Planning Well and Prepping for the Upcoming Week in Advance

“I like to spend a couple of hours each Sunday planning what meals I want for the week, then going food shopping and finally prepping meals and snacks”, says Anderson.

2. Always Carry a Bottle of Water With You

“I find if I am well hydrated then it also makes a huge difference in my energy levels.”

3. Instead of Sweets, go for Healthy Snacks

“Ensuring I have good healthy and easy snacks on hand means it helps choose a healthy option over something that is unhealthy or more convenient”.

4. Change Your Lifestyle

“It was a huge change during the first few months learning to switch a glass of wine with friends and dinner for a morning walk and smoothie. But these small daily changes add up long term and mean it just becomes your new lifestyle.”

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[the_ad id=”1692″]5. Find the Work-out Routine That Suits You

Simone reveals that she works every day, from 45 minutes to an hour, no matter if it’s about strength exercises or cardio.

6. Maintain Balance

Simone added that maintaining balance is also one of the key factors “For me, I never cut out any food group as then it would feel like a fad diet and I wanted it to feel like a long term lifestyle change.”

7. Include Your Friends and Family

“Tell as many people around you including your friends and family, the more people you tell the more accountable you feel and the more driven you feel to achieve and stick to your goals.”

Simone has also documented her entire weight loss progress, which you can see in the video below.

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